Planning a house Move?

Super Furniture RemovalsWith a house move comes a lot of stress. Finding boxes, packing, transport, dealing with the kids, cleaning, what must happen when ect… It all can become very stressful.

We’ve come up with a few pointers to follow to make your move a little easier.

Moving Tips

Get yourself a notebook and make notes. Create a time line and mark down your moving day and plot your move from there.

Plan ahead – Well before your move find boxes. Collected used boxes from supermarkets or if you can’t, then buy boxes. There are various companies out there that sell boxes such as Box-IT where you can buy boxes at a good price.

Do cleanups – Go through your house and chuck out what you do not want or need anymore. This will help you save packing space.

Pack early – If you know that you are moving in advance then you can start in advance. Pack your household items that you do not use on a regular basis. You can also pack clothing that you are not likely to wear before your move.  This will save you allot of time closer to the move.

Arrange transport – Moving day will always be a stressful day. Transporting your furniture and household goods can take a long time. Do not try transport your own furniture and goods. There are many transport companies out there such as Super Furniture Removals who offer low cost furniture removal options.

After the move – As your furniture and goods arrive at your new home, put each thing in the room that they belong in. This will help the unpacking process.

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