Take Control of Your Household Move

Who loves moving homes? That is a stupid question many people would say as moving is a pain and not many people like it.

Furniture MoversThe key to a successful move is good planning. You can’t just wake up on moving day and move. Sadly it’s not that simple. You need to collect boxes well in advance and start packing them about a week or two before your move. You also need to arrange transport for your furniture and boxes. Many people try doing their moves on their own with their own or a borrowed bakkie. The issue with this is that is bakkie is small so you will have to make multiple trips. The last thing you want to do when you move is spend the whole day on the road. Rather spend that time making your new house a home.

An easy solution to move your boxes and furniture is budget furniture removal from Super Furniture Removals. We will arrive at your pickup point on moving day where you will be responsible for loading the truck. We’ll then transport your moving boxes and furniture to your new location where you will also have to arrange for your contents to be off-loaded. We do give you the option to hire assistants who will do all the heavy lifting and moving for you.

A big advantage in using a furniture removal company such as us is that you will get your move done is one trip. No more driving up and down the whole day and night.

Furniture removal is traditionally an expensive service to use and that is why many of end up doing the move on our own. Super Furniture Removals has made the once expensive service easy and affordable.

We offer nationwide furniture removals and cater for both local and national moves.

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