Removal Companies Johannesburg

When you look got removal companies in Johannesburg, what do you look for? Well-known brands, the best rates or the best service?

Most of the time people or companies will pick the best rates. But what if you found a company that gives you a great service and affordable rates? Well that is exactly what Super Furniture Removals offers.

Super removals are not like any removal companies in Johannesburg… We do things a little differently and that is because we have a team of super heroes that is on you r side and who will make your entire move easy.

Removal Options

We offer our Johannesburg two moving options. These are DIY and Assisted. But what does this mean? Well, just keep on reading…

Traditional removal companies will come into your home or office, pack everything up for you, load their truck and move your items to your new location.

With us, it works a little differently. To save costs, we leave a lot of the tasks associated with moving up to you.

DIY Moves

This removal option is great if you are moving on a budget. We will supply you with a truck as well as a driver and assistants at a small additional fee. You will supply your boxes, bubble wrap and protective blankets. You will also be responsible for the loading and off-loading of the truck. Due to the limited workforce, you will save a lot of cash!

Assisted Moves

Assisted moves are well suited for the movers that do not have a lot of time to do everything themselves. We will supply you with a truck, a driver, assistants (Super Heroes), boxes, bubble wrap and anything else that is needed to complete your move. We will also load and off-load for you.

No removal companies in Johannesburg will match this super service! On average out removal options are 30% less than traditional removal companies!

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